There are adorable animals throughout nature. Sure we’re never going to get truly domesticated versions of these animals we can hug and hold. But we can certainly wish that we could.

Fennec Fox

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There’s a lot of incredible animals out there. What’s even crazier is when nature decides that it wants to combine them into a hybrid super animal!

The ears on the Fennec Fox are simply adorable! They have one of the most distinctive set of ears ever seen on an animal. While good hearing is a feature, that’s not actually why they have their big ears. The main reason for the large ears is to actually dissipate heat. Living in the Sahara is tough! These foxes manage it by hunting up mammals birds and insects. They can actually hear their prey as they tunnel underground and then catch them as they exist their tunnels!


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Wombats are for those who like their animals covered in fur! They are big fluffy balls of wild animal who make up for some of those hideous animals that Australia has put out. Seriously, Australia has some animals that spend more time in people’s nightmares than they do out in the wild. But the wombat is definitely not one of those. Wombats are burrowers and they like to dig extensive tunnel networks. So if you’re looking for a wild animal friend that you can fantasize about cuddling up with, the Wombat is the one for you!

Baby Polar Bear

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Are we cheating by making this one a baby animal? Absolutely we are! Adult polar bears are fun to watch and somewhat majestic. However they just aren’t “cute”. However if we’re talking about a baby, that’s their number one thing! Baby polar bears are exhibits at zoos for a reason. They are constantly up for playing and their fluffy white fur makes them more attractive to look at. Eventually their fur will yellow like an adult polar bears. While they are circular fluff balls jumping around, why not enjoy?

Black Footed Ferret

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The black footed ferret is an endangered species local to north america. They are struggling due to consistent loss of their habitat. The black footed ferret is an incredibly curious and inquisitive animal. Because they live underground they are often popping their head up out of the ground to investigate what’s happening. Their black masks and black feet give them a roguish look.

Koala Bear

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Yea, we know they’re not actually a bear. But regardless of their taxonomy they are incredibly cute! Australian hotels will often have trees set up throughout their gardens or sometimes by their balconies to allow people to see and touch Koalas! They are generally calm and gentle, but they are still wild animals. It’s always best to be careful with those adorable little friends.


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Our only cat on this list, the Ocelot is absolutely adorable. They have a lot of the cat mannerisms that we are used to and even have the same nose that your domestic house cats do. Beyond that however they have absolutely beautiful patterns on their fur. Their ability to play and leap is incredible! Sadly, Ocelots aren’t really willing to become domesticated, else they’d make some pretty incredible pets!

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