Sure dogs have been taught to surf in the past. But dogs are well known for doing tricks and amusing their human owners. It’s time to step it up a notch. It’s time to see another animal riding the wave. It’s time to see a pig to surf!

Source: YouTube/GoPro

Pigs are a fairly common animal on the Hawaiian islands but are not always celebrated as companions as often as they are used as sources of food. Thankfully Kama isn’t going to be the guest of honor at a luau anytime soon.

Kama’s owner Kai Holt found out that he could swim at a very young age and Kama started following him out into the water. Kai decided if he could swim that well, then he could join him in surfing. After some brief lessons, Kama was ready to go. He stands up at the front of the board and digs in his little hooves to get a good balance then lets Kai glide them in.

Source: YouTube/GoPro

Kama is a huge hit throughout the local surfing community and everyone there loves him. He is an great example of an animal who has formed an incredible bond with his owner. Pigs have shown incredible intelligence in many tests and often surpass that of dogs. Pet pigs have shown an excellent ability to do things that we might consider out of their reach. They can be trained to do any number of things that dogs also do.

Within the video Kai mentions how Kama knows instinctively how to move on the board to properly balance. If he needs to move back because the board appears to be dipping under or when things level out and he can move back up to his spot on the nose of the board.

Source: YouTube/GoPro

If you want to keep up to date on Kama the surfing pig, you should check out his instagram at @kamathesurfingpig and surf the waves right along with Kama.




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