The United States is host to a wide variety of different animals. Many of these are quiet or shy around humans. However there are a large number of animals that can be dangerous to people. These animals are usually defensive rather than aggressive, but you should always take caution when you are dealing with them.


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Scorpions are very common throughout the American southwest. There’s actually a huge variety of scorpions but the most dangerous is called the bark scorpion. They have the most intense venom of any scorpion and are capable of killing humans if they get enough stings in.


In this case we’re specifically looking at two different breeds of spider. The first is one of the most famous. The Black Widow is incredibly well known and has an Avenger named after her. The black widow can be a deadly spider, but there is actually very common antivenom available. People should be okay so long as they receive treatment quickly. Arguably more dangerous is the fiddleback or brown recluse spider. These spider bites lead to gangrene and potential tissue damage. These are long term issues and can complicate to death easily.


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Alright, we’ve talked about the tiny dangerous animals, now let’s scale up to the largest of the most dangerous potential animals. Grizzly bears may not be as common as they used to be, but they remain one of the most aggressive bear species out there. One swipe from a grizzly bear is more than enough to shatter your bones or possibly kill you. Thankfully not every type of bear in the United States is aggressive. Black bears are often very timid. They tend to run away or run up a tree if they are confronted doing something bad.


There used to be a time when the alligator population was plummeting. They have made a comeback though and are a dangerous creature to humans. Alligators spend their time in water, so if you’re only on dry land you’re not going to really come across them. However if you spend your time near the edge of water, you need to pay attention and ensure that you don’t get too close. It is incredibly difficult to get an alligator to let go once they have bitten down. Their strength in their jaws is incredible. So avoid getting bitten in the first place.


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There’s no animal more dangerous to hikers than a cougar. If you’re lost out in the wilderness while you’re hiking over a mountain area, you need to listen for potential cougar attacks. Most of the time they will leave you alone, but there’s usually about one attack per year. Generally they will do attack when game is scarce and the cougar is the most hungry. You can handle a cougar though. You need to do what you do with some other predators and make sure you get big. You need to scare that cougar out of its offensive state and put it on the defensive. Once the cougar is on the defensive it will run away. So yell at it. If you can grab anything, or have anything in your hands, you should throw it at them. Make direct eye contact and that cougar is going to backdown.

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