Many weird, creepy and colorful animals lurk in the deep sea- some that you simply need to see to believe! There are so many cool creatures living in the earth’s oceans that it is believed humans have only discovered and explored 5% of them- this means that there are many weird and wild animals still left to discover that may look like something out of your wildest dreams.

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1, Christmas Tree Worm

Source: Shutterstock

The Christmas Tree Worm is a beautiful creature that looks like a plastic decoration for a small gold fish take. The Christmas tree worm is a colorful creature that has tree-like crowns that radiate from their central spine. They come in many colors including orange, yellow, blue and white. Christmas tree worms are not very big- averaging 1.5 inches in length. They have appendages that they use to breathe and catch prey. Christmas tree worms generally eat microscopic plants and are stationary- meaning that once they find a place that they like they do not move very often. They hide from predators by hiding in the burrows that they anchor themselves with.

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