There’s a lot of animal stuff that’s gone around the internet. A few years back a French bulldog manage to push its way into our hearts through the consumption of the edges of a watermelon. The Watermelon had been hollowed out, and the puppy clearly placed in there for an adorable video. Well it worked!

Source: Youtube/DailyPicksandFlicks

But the internet didn’t stop there. Why just a French Bulldog? The answer to that is of course to mesh together videos of various animals as they choose to taste of the sweet summer melon that decorates so many backyard barbeques every year.



Watermelon doesn’t provide most animals any nutritional content. It rarely provides any to humans. However that’s not why humans or animals eat watermelon. They eat it for the sweet sweet flavor. Humans aren’t the only creature on this planet earth that enjoys sweet stuff.

Source: Youtube/Funny Moments

So let’s enjoy some adorable animals enjoying some of the sweet stuff that we enjoy so much as well. They’ve earned it!

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