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Animals are fascinating. There’s so many incredible behavioral and physical traits that animals exhibit. Just reading through these facts you’re hopefully going to say “wow” or “really?” at least a few times. If you don’t, hopefully you’re one of the various animal biologists out there and already knew every fact. If that’s the case though, why aren’t you out in the field getting us some new awesome facts? Get on it you lazy biologist! And without further rambling here are some incredible animal facts:

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1. Beaver Dentistry is Unrefined – People know beavers for chewing down trees and making dams, but do you know why they are constantly chewing on trees? A Beavers teeth never stop growing. These chompers could grow too big and very painful for the beaver. So they chew on wood as a method of keeping their teeth in check and ground down a bit.

2. Militarized Bats – If there was ever a way to make attics scarier at night, it would have been if the United States had managed to complete their bat military project in WW2. Their attempt was to train bats to drop small explosives. This would have let them create distractions or potentially destroy targets they couldn’t access.

3. If a Shrimp Snaps In the Forest, Does it Make a Noise? – What’s insane is that the loudest creature in the world is actually an ocean creature. Howler Monkeys everywhere are jealous of the 200 decibel noise that the snapping shrimp makes when it is attacking prey. Their claws shoot water jets and make the sound which can help them shock their targets while hunting down dinner.

4. Clownfish Gender Inequality – Clownfish have a strict hierarchy which involves a single breeding pair. If the female dies, the alpha male will change sex to become a female and one of the lesser males will step up to become the alpha! So no clownfish are ever born as ladies.

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5. Rectangular Eyes – Goats have rectangular eyes. It’s incredibly unsettling to see as they are one of the only mammals to have them and everyone expects either a circular or slit style pupil in creatures. The square eye of the goat actually gives them incredible peripheral vision. This allows them to spot potential predators more easily while doing what they do best… eating.

6. The Police Have Their Stripes On File – Tiger’s stripes are actually similar to human fingerprints. While they may look very similar, all of them are different. This means that if you get an exact match you can identify wild tigers just from their stripes.

7. Just Not In My Hair! – If you go for a walk through a nice little forest get ready for a surprise. Each acre of space you’re walking through is likely home to approximately 50,000 spiders. So for those of you who are arachnophobes you may want to stick to the pavement.

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8. Please No Jokes – There’s only three species on earth where the female has to undergo menopause to indicate they have completed breeding. The first is the human female. The second is the elephant. The final species is the humpback whale. Do not bring up that collection of species to any woman undergoing menopause under risk of beratement and insensitivity.

9. Irregular Heartbeats – Due to the size of the animals and the sheer power required to accomplish it, some whales hearts will beat less than 10 times per minute. They have to build up the power to shoot that blood through their huge arteries and veins. It’s a difficult process so they try to not overdo it.

10. A Skunk Bite Isn’t All Bad – Skunks have two potential defensive reactions. Their scent spray is generally their first defense and many people and creatures have had the unfortunate experience of being sprayed. However a skunk can also bite you. What’s interesting is they won’t do both to you at once. Personally I think I’d rather take the bite.

Thanks for reading, and hopefully some of these facts are new to you and have helped make you want to go and learn more about some of the animals listed!

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