Is there anything more adorable than a puppy? What about a puppy and a baby? Better yet- a puppy resisting with everything he’s got to stay awake to protect his human baby brother. Watch the video below to see a sweet pup resisting sleep but eventually giving in to curl up and sleep on his little baby bro.

So cute right?! Puppies and babies are both tiny, dependent, cuddly, cute and sleepy!

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Newborns and Sleep

Human babies tend to sleep a lot- in fact newborn babies sleep up to 17 hours a day. Most new moms and dads will let you know that those 17 hours don’t come in a row- as newborns tend to wake up every two to four hours. Although the baby may be sleeping a lot, new parents are certainly not, with irregular short periods of sleep throughout the night because they are busy tending to the newborn. Newborn babies’ sleep cycles are shorter than adults. They also spend more time than adults in rapid movement sleep (REM sleep) which is necessary for developing their brain. Babies generally sleep for longer periods after three months of age.

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Puppies and Sleep

Puppies also love to sleep. A puppy can sleep up to 20 hours a day- with most averaging 15 to 17 hours a day. When a puppy is not sleeping they are a ball of energy- getting into everything within reach. Puppies can go from full energy to passed out a sleep within seconds. A puppy needs a lot of sleep to allow them to grow healthy and strong. When a puppy is sleeping, their body is still hard at work developing muscles, the brain, the central nervous system, and immune system. A puppy grows extremely quickly- especially larger breeds. A puppy will often fight falling asleep if something exciting is going on, but as seen in the video above, no matter how hard the puppy fights it, sleep will win.

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Protective Puppies

Puppies are not only sleepy, but they are also very protective of their family. In the wild, dogs create a hierarchy in their social group which determine who is in charge and who is meant to follow. When a dog or puppy is introduced to the family they will quickly learn who is in charge. They will also want to help protect the newest and most vulnerable member of the family/pack. Some breeds are more protective than others, and some dogs seem to take their role to watch the baby very seriously- guarding the crib and never letting the baby out of their sight.  You should make sure that you introduce the puppy to the baby with caution and make sure to dedicate time to give to your dog one on one so that they will not become jealous of the baby. It is very important that you socialize and train your puppy so that they will know to be a gentle guardian.

If you are a new human parent, or puppy parent- or both- don’t fret! This hectic time of very little sleep will pass quickly as your newborn or puppy gets into a more regular routine, and is not going through such fast growing and development.

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