Nature is full of adorable creatures. However it’s also home to a lot of creatures that are very dangerous to humans. Naturally there are some that cross over into both of these categories. Here are four animals that are adorable but can be very dangerous to humans.


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Dolphins are intelligent creatures and there are many stories of them helping humans in dangerous situations or guiding them to land when they have been ship wrecked. However dolphins can actually be quite dangerous as well. Dolphins have been known to attack humans with their beaks for what may be indecipherable reasons. Additionally dolphins are a species who engages in sexual intercourse for pleasure as well as for mating purposes. Sadly there are stories of non consensual sex with dolphins and other creatures including humans. It’s important if you’re going to do a swimming with dolphins trip that you do it with known dolphins who have no track record of violence and you ensure you meet all requirements.


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The platypus is an interesting mix of duck and beaver. However since there it’s from Australia, of course it couldn’t just be cute and cuddly. It has to be a very dangerous animal. The platypus is an egg laying mammal, which already makes it different and interesting. The dangerous part of the platypus is their venom. The male platypus secretes venom out of its ankle spurs. This venom isn’t fatal to humans but it creates intense pain and suffering. The platypus may be made of leftover parts from other animals but the end result is an adorable animal that knows all too well how to protect itself.

Red Fox

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Red Foxes are adorable creatures. They look like an adorable hybrid between a dog and a cat and share a lot of the same mannerisms. There’s been attempts to tame and domesticate the red fox so that it could become another option as a pet. Unfortunately these have proven to be pipe dreams for now. The red fox will often seem like it might be ready to be friendly. Some foxes are very skittish and avoid people. However there’s many that are more than willing to come meet humans and show very little fear. The problem comes in when those humans consider this as a sign of friendship. Attempts to pet or become friends with the fox will often result in attacks. While the foxes aren’t interested in eating humans, they are certainly willing to attack if they are approached or threatened.

Slow Loris

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The slow loris used to be one of the more hidden and uncommon animals that people thought of. That all changed with a single viral video. A video of a tickled slow loris gave the species the spotlight almost overnight. This actually spurred some people to want to get the slow loris as a pet. The slow loris actually has a lot of similar traits to cobra snakes. The slow loris excretes venom from toxic glands in their elbows. While it’s a different delivery system from a snake, it’s still venom. The slow loris also hisses like a snake and can have some similarities in their coat to the pattern of a snake skin.

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