Most people just think of goats as just boring farmland animals. However that is just not the case. Goats are social animals that want to have fun just as much as anyone else. Goats plan their days meticulously and can be involved in a lot more than we give them credit for.

Morning: Goat Yoga

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It’s a brand new trend folks! Humans doing yoga have decided that they need to push themselves farther. Finding a sense of inner peace while stretching your body into increasingly impressive positions is no longer enough of a challenge for traditional yoga practitioners. Enter goats into equation.

Goat yoga is a new trend that started in Oregon but seems to be catching on quickly. Yoga class is held outdoors. In addition to the people working on centering themselves is a series of goats. Adult goats will walk between the group and graze offering a passive distraction. The more interesting diversion comes when the baby goats are introduced to yoga. Baby goats are well known for their leaping ability and their playfulness. Videos of baby goats jumping on other animals and standing on perches are spread throughout the internet. These baby goats will leap up on people as they keep their yoga positions and keep their mind clear. It’s an adorable distraction that allows people to practice their craft, but also to mingle with some adorable goats.

Afternoon: Classes

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Goats aren’t just all calm. Goats are intellectual too. Many of them attend the Queen Mary University of London. While at University they are undergoing puzzle testing. They know that there have been dog and primate classes in ahead of them setting the bar, so the goat goal is not just to finish, but to exceed them.

The class of 2014 managed to solve incredibly detailed puzzles to prove their intelligence. However they returned for their 2015 year and were told they had to solve the same puzzles before they could move on. The goats quickly completed the puzzles as they almost surprisingly remembered them from the year before. This recollection is excellent as there’s many humans who can’t remember a complicated puzzle that they complete the previous year.

Evening: Parkour or Surfing

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Goats chose their evening activities based on the weather. Goats however aren’t happy to go sit down at the pub and toss back a couple of pints. They have no interest in a nice quiet movie night. Goats are active! They want to get out of the house and do things! Two of their favorite activities are parkour and surfing.

In the town of Pismo Beach, two goats try to be good role models and work as surfing teachers for other goats. Goatee started surfing when her owner saw how much she loved the water. He gave her a shot at the board and she has never given up on it. Eventually Goatee had a son who was named Pismo. Pismo learned the art of surfing from Goatee and has since taken it up as well. It proves that goats can teach other goats to surf.

If water isn’t in a goats nature they can join one of the several goat parkour clubs. Certain parkour runners have taken to adopting goats and training them to join them on their runs. The natural leaping and bouncing ability of goats combined with their intelligence makes them excellent parkour friends.

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