It’s always great to see animals managing friendships. Juniper the fox was a rescue animal who just happened to be in the right place at the right time. Juniper was likely going to end up at a retreat for animals. However Juniper became best friends with another rescue. Juniper became friends with Moose. Moose is an Australian Shepherd mix.

Source: YouTube/SC Videos

When Juniper met Moose, it was instant best friends. While a lot of animals mark their territory with urine, Juniper is a fox and likes to put her butt onto things. Her olfactory scent will rub off that way. What this means for good ol’ Moose is that he is going to get sat on every single day of his life.

Juniper loves to play constantly when she’s around Moose. She’ll pounce on him over and over while he just sort of acknowledges that it’s happening. She doesn’t want to spend any time without Moose and will constantly follow Moose everywhere and rub up against him.

Source: YouTube/SC Videos

It may seem like a good idea to have a pet fox, but the truth is that Juniper is tame, not domesticated. That means she can be friendly and usually act well, but she still has a fox’s instinct. Housing a fox can be taxing as well. Foxes are not housebroken and having one is much more difficult than having a dog. Occasionally a dog might destroy things in your house for fun, but a pet fox gets into things all the time.

Source: YouTube/SC Videos

Junipers family had some experience with the fur industry. Foxes are raised to be as tame as possible in the fur industry and so they knew what to expect from Juniper. They knew that Juniper requires a special diet or she can perish.

If you’d like to keep up with Juniper’s shenanigans, you can check out her Instagram here.

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