Porcupine vs. 17 Lions... Who Do You Think Wins? - Animal Roll

For anyone who has ever wondered if porcupine quills really deter a predator. You need look no farther than this video.

Alright, picture this. You’re a casual porcupine out for a simple walk through the Savannah. Maybe you were having trouble sleeping and just needed to clear your mind. So off you go into the high grasses thinking about your troubles.

Source: vhora asit – youtube

What you didn’t know as you trod along on your porcupine feet is there’s a pack of lions just cruising the night looking for trouble. They come up and start hassling as lions tend to do to poor simple porcupines. But this night, the porcupine is not interested in taking any guff from the lions.

Source: vhora asit – youtube

The video shows exactly what can happen in that situation. The lions come across the porcupine as he’s out for his walk. The porcupine pushes his quills out to maximum range. There’s no point in running. This specific African porcupine is going full bore. The lions circle the porcupine and continue to try and find a way past its defenses. The porcupine does a great job of not letting them get at its face.  A few of the lions paw at the porcupine and get some quills shoves at them in return.

Source: vhora asit – youtube

Eventually the pride of lions realizes that this night is not their night. One last lion looks back longingly at the delicious porcupine but eventually turns away and follows the rest of her sisters. She knows when she’s backing up the wrong porcupine.

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