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There’s been a lot of debate from people about how they should get their pets. Impulse purchases of pets tend to be from pet stores or from some ad you saw online about new puppies. Secretly you are probably supporting borderline cruelty. Many pets are bred for profit. This is a free market after all. That’s not so bad right? The problem is this means animals are so often locked in inhumane conditions and bred until they are used up or die.

There’s a reason shelters need to exist. There’s too many pets bred out there in the world today. Lazy owners won’t get their pets spayed or neutered as Bob Barker asked them to. This results in 4 to 8 baby pets they don’t want. This proliferates and quite simply there’s no room for them all. Every year there are over 2.5 million cats and dogs that are put to sleep at shelters because of the sheer numbers. It’s insane! There’s no reason for so many of those animals to die.

Source: Shutterstrock

I know a lot of you might be thinking ‘If I hear one more person say “I went to rescue them, but they rescued me”, I’m going to lose my mind and perform a self lobotomy’. Put your ice picks down. Yes, those people are awful. However you don’t need to be one of those smug rescue people! Rescues and shelter animals aren’t different and shouldn’t be used as some sort of smugness bludgeon on your friends and family.

Benefits To Adoption:

If you choose to adopt from a shelter or rescue, there’s some serious benefits to it:

  • Health – If your pet is in a shelter or rescued, it will have been thoroughly inspected for any potential health conditions. You’re going to get an animal up to date on their shots and know exactly what’s happening.
  • Time – The vast majority of animals picked up in shelters have received some kind of training already. This is less true with rescue dogs as they could be anywhere on the training spectrum. You don’t need to spend hundreds of hours training your dog to not pee on your floor. You have the opportunity to spend more time with them having fun. Teach them tricks that amuse or amaze if you want to train!
  • Personality – This is a weird point, but when you pick up an animal from a shelter or rescue, there’s a better chance you can learn their personality before you own them. This is one advantage of older animals is they have developed their personalities. A new kitten could end up being exactly what you want or it could be skittish and angry at people. You won’t know until it’s too late.

Source: Shutterstrock

  • Money – If you’re spending on a bred puppy or kitten, it’s possible you are paying over 2000 dollars for them. Generally you pay a nominal shelter fee to adopt, or cover the shots they have had to receive while in the shelter. That money keeps those shelters running. It gives more animals a chance.
  • Choice – People seem to think that if you go to a shelter it’s full of broken animals. Shelters are home to everything under the rainbow. Every breed and every age is available somewhere. If you are looking for something specific, it will show up in a reasonable distance from you. Have patience and you will find the right pet for you.

So if you’re looking to adopt a pet, try looking here. The link is to a list of shelters and rescue organizations in each state to allow you to help find the companion you are looking for.

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