Do you know white rhinos are not white in color?

Rhinoceros with nickname rhino are big, odd-toed and extant mammal species. They hold the title of the largest land mammal after elephants, in other words, they are the second largest land mammals. They are well known and prized for their sharp horn which consists largely of a type of protein known as keratin. Here is a picture of a typical white rhinoceros.

Years back, we have over 30 species of rhinos. But today, all but 5 are just available, the rest are extinct. The available species are the White, Black Rhinos, Javan Rhinos, Sumatran Rhinos and Greater one-horned Rhinos. The White rhinos are calmer and more sociable than all other species of the rhinos. The English word “white” is derived from a misinterpretation of the Dutch word “wijd”. This word actually means “wide” in English. Most confuse white rhinos to be white in color. This is not right –the color ranges from yellowish brown to slate grey.


The white rhinos are very much of similar color as the black rhinos. There are just two subspecies of the white rhino which are; the southern white rhinoceros and the northern white rhinoceros.  Unfortunately, these cute species have been tagged endangered species. Endangered species are a group of organisms seriously at the risk of extinction. Just a few numbers of these pretty animals are alive.

As at 2015, there are just 3 northern white rhinos in captivity- two females(named Fatu,17 and Najin,27)  and one male(named Sudan). Unfortunately, on March 19, 2018, the World-renown male northern white rhino (Sudan) died at the age of 45 years old at OI Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya. The medical statement says Sudan died after suffering from age-related health issues and series of infections. The death of Sudan has left the world with just 2 northern white rhinos, Najin (Sudan’s daughter) and Fatu (Najin’s daughter). Below is a picture of Sudan taken June 25, 2015, protected by 2 armed guards.

 Unique Features

  •  White rhinos can communicate vocally, using a wide range of sounds including grunts, snorts, squeaks, and bellows from calf squeaking and snarling or wailing of adults.
  • White rhinos cannot swim because of their humps.
  • They are herbivore grazers- they feed mainly on grasses.
  • A white rhino has the potentiality of living for 35-40 years.
  • They can survive for 4-5 days without drinking water during the dry season.
  • They live in crashes or herd and each group consists of up to 14 rhinos.




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