Just look at that smile.

The Internet is full of cute animals, but we’re pretty sure none of them are quite so happy and excited as this gecko. The tiny lizard, named Tomo, loves hanging out with his plastic gecko friend so much, he can’t stop smiling!


Photo credit: www.vinescope.com

Taylor Nicole Dean – who creates YouTube videos about animal care and education – was the first one to tweet about the adorable BFFs. Her post has been shared more than 107,000 times and garnered over 200,000 likes. 


Photo credit: www.rtlnext.rtl.de

And in case you were wondering, Tomo’s smile isn’t a one-time thing. The little cutie is literally always happy!


Photo credit: www.boredpanda.com

To see more of this ray of sunshine, go to the smiling gecko’s Instagram page. There, Tomo’s owner is sharing his happiness with more than 19,000 followers!


Photo credit: www.metro.co.uk

Thank you for making our day, Tomo!


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