We all know cats can be…difficult. Though you may love your cat to bits, it’s crossed your mind more than once that your feline friend might be secretly plotting to kill you.

But, hey, you tolerate your cat anyway. Just like these owners do.

Their cats aren’t just difficult, they’re downright sassy. Take this adorable, loud-mouthed kitten, who literally refuses to get out of bed when her owner asks her to—and she’s very polite about it, too.

(Note her tactic of using her cuteness to manipulate her owner into letting her stay in bed. It works without a hitch.)

It should hardly come as a surprise that although these furry creatures can’t exactly articulate a well-formed and logical argument, most still manage to get their way in the end.

Like this Siamese kitty. When her owner sets her up with a table for one—in the laundry room, of all places—she’s not having any of it. Her persistent prancing and meowing works, and she manages to lead her owner back to the laundry room for some company while she chows down on her food—even if her owner claims she’s not falling for it!

How’s that for sneaky? We’d say the winner of this argument is pretty obvious. (Okay, her cuteness helped.)
Other cats decide to use sheer volume to get their point across. Like this guy, who seems to be speaking in a language that not even his owner can understand. Take a look:

What did he say? We’re going to need a translator.

Of course, for some cats, all that chatter might be a hint to just back away slowly. After all, you never know when your adorably sweet kitty could simply lose her cool—and reveal her murderous instincts.

Case in point? This aptly named “psycho” cat, whose sniffing and meowing leads to a chilling (but also, kind of funny) attack on her owner.

Let’s watch:

Look at those eyes. Bloodthirsty, much? Like we said, time to back away slowly.



Source: YouTube

Looks like some cats don’t need to say a thing to get their point across.

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