Does art inspire life? Or is it the other way around? In other words, was Angry Birds actually inspired by real, live bitter birds? Or do birds just seem angrier after the Angry Birds trend?

We may never know, but at least we have these brilliant and hilarious bird attack videos. If we can learn anything from these videos, it’s that no one’s safe—these birds were willing to attack everyone from Mormons to cyclists to … drones.

Are these attacks a warning? These videos might be terrifying if they weren’t so darn funny.

Take the aggressive magpie—who knew magpies were so large—in the YouTube clip below. Yes, this Australian cyclist went looking for trouble when he decided to bike through this birdy’s territory. But you gotta admit, the magpie doesn’t seem to want to let up. Could it be he enjoys it? Take a look:

Some humans go looking for trouble, while others seem to knock on trouble’s door. These unsuspecting Mormons were in for a fright when they knocked at the door of this parrot owner. The guy’s reaction is priceless—and the bird’s owner can’t help but chuckle at his pet’s “flight” of fancy.

Check it out:

Parrots and magpies may have the advantage of flight, but this goose proves that some bird species can stay on the ground and stand their ground, too. This businessman fights back, but his efforts are in vain as the bird launches a sneaky counter-attack—just when you think it’s over!

(Seriously, just try not to laugh at this goose’s wrath.)

Of course, humans aren’t always the targets of bird attacks. Birds of prey, such as falcons and hawks, have been known to attack small animals, including beloved household pets—sad. Turns out they’ll actually attack almost anything that moves. Including stuff that’s not alive—like this drone.

You gotta admit, this hawk seems to know what he’s doing. He seems to come out of nowhere and the drone is on the ground in an instant!

Don’t worry, we’ve saved the best for last. We have to say that while we never condone violence, let’s just say that we understand why this cockatoo resorted to biting. And, if we’re being honest, his owner’s reaction is priceless.

Check it out:

We’ve seen attacks from a magpie, parrot, goose, hawk, and cockatoo. Which one was the angriest? Cast your vote in the comments section.

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