One of the most diverse and incredible environments that can be found around the world are rainforests. The diversity of creatures that live in the various rainforests around the world is fairly staggering. Among those animals are some that are truly magnificent and exciting to see. This list shows off some of the wildest animals the rainforests around the world have to offer.

Rhinoceros Hornbill

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There’s a reason the term for a nose job is “rhinoplasty”. These hornbills do the concept of nasal plastic surgery justice. Their unique casque above their bill looks like a secondary beak that is pointing up. From a distance, it looks like the hornbills just consistently have their mouths open. The casque does serve a purpose however. The casque is intended to make the hornbills noises louder. You can hear them throughout the Sumatran rainforest with their incredibly loud calls.

They are also very interesting birds as they mate for life. When the female is ready to lay an egg, the male seals the female inside of a tree. The hole is sealed off with ground fruit and some mud and feces. Naturally sticky substances. The male leaves one small section uncovered. The male becomes completely responsible for the female and the babies. It will slide food in for months after the babies have hatched. Once the female finally deems the chicks able to defend themselves, it will break out of the sealed hole and release them into the wild for the first time.


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There’s some days when you just can’t decide which pajamas you want to wear… do you wear the ones covered in giraffes or the ones covered in zebra print? If you can never quite decide which ones to wear, you need to get yourself some Okapi PJ’s. The Okapi is one of the oddest creatures you will ever see. Okapi’s are very shy and rarely seen in the open. They try to stay away from humans. Since they live in the rainforest within the Democratic Republic of the Congo, they can mostly stay hidden. So it’s a rare treat to get a glance at this fascinating animal.


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The capybara seems somewhat normal at first glance. You look at it and it sort of looks like a groundhog. The general appearance is something that you’ve at least seen before and doesn’t make you do a double take. However then you think about it. The capybara is a rodent. But it’s not just a rodent. It’s the biggest rodent in the entire world! We look at them and don’t feel much fear, but if a 4 foot, 140 lb rat showed up in front of you, you’d probably run for the hills! The capybara spends a lot of time in water and actually has webbed feet intended for swimming. Generally capybaras are very social creatures. They don’t like to be alone and they try to live in large groups of 10-20 capybaras. So let’s get rid of that idea of a gigantic rat and appreciate the capybara for the special animal it is.

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