Before we begin, a disclaimer is necessary. We’re going to include any creature a 3 year old would see and say “monkey” towards. Except bears. There will be no bears on the adorable primate list. So enjoy these adorable primates and the fuzzy feelings they give you inside.

Ring Tailed Lemur

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The ring tailed lemur is one of the most adorable and recognizable primate. Their incredibly long tail features the black and white rings that give it their name. Lemurs live in large groups. They mark their territory to tell other animals to back off. The males can participate in stink fights where they get their scent on their tail and then try to wave it under their friends noses. This may seem a bit juvenile, but it keeps them happy.

Lemurs do great in captivity. They are known as pranksters and have a habit of getting out of their enclosures to play and steal from the rest of the zoo. Sadly they are doing terribly in the wild as they are hunted and have their environment destroyed. There’s approximately 2000 left in the wild and 2000 in captivity.


Golden Lion Tamarin

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The golden lion tamarin represents tamarins in general on this list. Their distinctive and incredible golden color turns them into flashy little primates. These adorable little tamarins actually live in family sized groups. There’s usually a breeding couple which can be surrounded with additional juveniles, babies or other breeding adults. Unlike many creatures with social structures based on gender, the golden lion tamarin instead bases their structure on longevity. If you’ve been part of their family group longer, then you get a higher ranking in the social structure.



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The chimpanzee is one of the animals that most closely resembles humans. Their facial expressions are what makes them the most adorable. A baby chimp has a lot of the same mannerisms of human children and helps make us feel the same kind of emotions that we feel when we look at children.

Chimps live in large social groups. The way they interact with each other is a large part of what makes them cute. Grooming each other and how they play makes us see them as cuter despite them perhaps not being the most physically adorable of primates.



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Marmosets are another smaller primate that is absolutely adorable  They spend their time in the rain forests of South America.  Like most primates they like to live in family groups. While the golden lion tamarin lives in a group that maxes out at about 8 creatures, marmosets live in groups up to 15. Marmosets work well towards that phrase “It takes a village” when it comes to their children. Marmosets work together to help raise their kids and teach them their marmoset ways.

Marmosets are super active and playful primates. They will leap from place to place in the trees as they hunt out for food. They love to eat tree sap a lot more than they want to eat plants. Marmosets have very strong incisor teeth and they use them to gnaw through tree branches to get at the sap they crave.

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